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Make your own Bonus EP CD!!! If you wanna!!!

So I made some Bonus EP CDs, and they're pretty alright. But I wish they were a lot better. Unfortunately I can't do Kunaki run CDs because of how I want them laid out, so when the CDs sell out, if you want one, just make your own!!!
You can download the assets here, and then just make your own!! Note: I've heard that Exact Audio Copy uses a non-standard CUE sheet format, so I recommend using EAC for burning it.

I will say though, that they're still in stock as of writing. In fact, none have been sold. So please still buy one!! I obviously can't stop you from making these (well I could, but still) but I would prefer if you bought one when they're in stock. Also, worth noting, you are NOT allowed to sell these online. The license, CC BY-NC-SA 3.0, does not allow for commercial use, so you are not allowed to sell these.

Have fun!!!

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