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Streaming news!!

1. sylviaonthehighway, the (unfinished) e.p. Notice

sylviaonthehighway, the (unfinished) e.p. is going to be removed from streaming services soon. Why, you might ask? I'm migrating from Amuseio to DistroKid, which is like totally the main point of this article!!! Why not just keep it up? Well it's easier for me to migrate it to DistroKid to not only use DK's Vault feature, but also to get all of the money from my music on streaming in one payment from one company every month. Plus, I can set the release date to the original date without providing ISRC codes, which Amuse can't do.

2. Holy shit a fuck ton of new streaming releases

The following releases will be uploaded to DistroKid as soon as I sign up:
sylviaonthehighway 2019-2021
I Think I'm Gonna Have A Stroke (EP)
Highway (2022 Remix)
sylviaonthehighway, the bonus tracks
Currently Untitled But Very Cool EP Woah

There are two EPs here that have not been previously released. "sylviaonthehighway, the bonus tracks" does NOT have any thing to do with the eventually upcoming 4CD release. It is just the bonus tracks from Bandcamp/the CD release. That untitled EP is weird tracks I happen to find in my hard drives or incredibly hard to find tracks. An example is "I Met Santa", a demo that was hidden in sylviaonthehighway 2019-2021 by clicking on one of the letters in one of the EP titles in the 2019-2021 Album Artwork Viewer. It will also include the remix of The Easy Level from The sylviaonthehighway Sampler.

3. Other fun announcements

3a. I Think I'm Gonna Have A Stroke is getting re-remastered!

Yeah this was inevitable. Not only is the first year anniversary coming up, but also that original remaster sounded like shit. You may have noticed that in The sylviaonthehighway Sampler, I included a brand new master of the song because the original sounded so bad. Well, THAT master is going to be the basis for this new edition! The other main tracks will be included. YOU CAN'T ESCAPE FROM TAKE TWO THIS TIME!!!

3b. New CDs!!

I'm soon going to add new CDs to this website!! Yeah I've finally learned how to sell things on my own site WITHOUT FUCKING SHOPIFY. Granted, I've only kinda learned, as in I don't know how to set up a cart and don't really know how to get an address. Anyways, these CDs will be MADE ON-DEMAND, and will ship directly from Kunaki. This doesn't mean I won't do better CDs by acquiring and selling stock, but it will probably only be these website CDs until I can afford CD replication and not be limited to duplication. This cool run of CDs will feature everything in the Music Store section of the site, except for The Toneguards releases because that would be too much of a hassle and Cooper wouldn't approve anyways. But this means that I will finally release a CD for sylviaonthehighway 2019-2021!! Woo!!
Note: These CDs will probably not be on Bandcamp, because on BC I would have to manually order these, which would not only take longer to do but also isn't futureproof for if I get big. soz

3c. Test pressing bundle!!

I will soon release a Cool Fun Good Old Test Pressing Bundle, which will include all of the tests for sylviaonthehighway, the (unfinished) e.p. and some of the tests for sylviaonthehighway 2019-2021. Woah!!! One of the 2019-2021 CDs is enhanced!! It includes all of the files from the regular Bandcamp download. Also, if you buy the bundle, you'll get a free digital copy of that untitled EP that's going on streaming!! Well, I'll include a download code in the box along with codes for sylviaonthehighway... and 2019-2021! Wow!!

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