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The Bonus EP has been uploaded!!

That's right, it's finally done! And because it's done and uploaded to DistroKid and Bandcamp, I can reveal the track list! More excitedly, I can reveal the TITLE!!

Drumroll please...

(scroll down)

This EP is titled

Bonus EP!!

Yeah I couldn't really come up with a good title. But it works!! Anyways, here's the tracks:

1. The Easy Level (Remix)

2. Interlude (Couldn't Finish This One Before Bed)

3. Store

4. I Met Santa

Now you may be thinking...

"Wait... STORE????"

Yeah, I want to do sylviaonthehighway live shows in future, and me being one person, I need backing tracks. Also, this cover is EXTENDED!! There's another few verses about the prison. How fun! Also, I took I Met Santa out of it's demo phase with a few tweaks to timing and mixing, and recording proper human vocals. Anyways, onto the other tracks...
Interlude is a sylviaonthehighway, the (unfinished) e.p. track that was made after that March 31st backup, so it didn't get included on that. It appears here to get it out into the public until the forthcoming CD set, where it will appear on both bonus discs (First bonus: Sessions, second bonus: True Original EP). And finally, the remix of The Easy Level appears on this EP simply because I am NOT putting the sampler on streaming. I could, but not only does it not really hold any value on streaming, it would also be $8 on iTunes instead of free. But, as the EP will be the same in pricing and content across all services (except for Bandcamp rounding up the price to $4), the remix will appear on that version, too.

Sorry for this article being long and pretty unstructured, but at least you know! Also, Good & Evil stream today??

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