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2024-07-21 - Type III gallivanting!

We're recording our album today! Details on the record will be posted at a later date on the homepage of this site. In the meantime, I will tell you about our yesterday adventures. We went to a piece of property my parents own and took a lot, a LOT of photos. It's gonna be chillin. They'll be used as either CD booklet stuff, promotional material, or a little bit of both. And we destroyed a television see y'all next time!!!

2024-07-15 - Type III news & new Delicate release

A. We have scheduled a date when we're going to get together at my house and finally track this damn album. It's gonna go wild.
B. My record label, Delicate Records, just released About Nothing by Paranoia. Paranoia is a one-man project featuring JW Hardt from Rhythmic Thoughts, also a Delicate act. How fun!

2024-07-12 - HUGE MAIL DAY INCOMING and the guitar for the Type III record

Mail tomorrow: Adam gets a bunch of new batter drum heads for the snare and toms, and I get a new snare reso head. This is fucking awesome. I'm also getting the new Van Halen box set in the mail tomorrow. THIS IS FUCKING AWESEOME Also, me and Cooper decided that my Peavey strat wasn't quite adequate for the Type III record, so we went around to THE ZOMBIE GUITAR COMPANY IN HERRIN ILLINOIS and checked if we could borrow a guitar from them and Tracy picked up LITERALLY MY DREAM GUITAR and just gave it to us. For a month. FOR FREE. We just gotta shout them out on the record. This isn't the record, but...


2024-07-06 - No Type III news

It goes hard as fuck when the news is no news. I really want some fucking orange juice.

2024-07-04 - Fuck

Just broke my snare drum head I'm killing myself

2024-07-04 - WOAH!

Babe wake up new I'm gonna try and blog about Type III and stuff here. Guess I may as well get started!! We're very nearly done with pre-production on the debut record. We have a track list with some old favourites, some recently released favourites, and some unknown songs that Will Be Your Fucking Favourites. Side note: for shitty punk records like these the terms "pre/post-production" are so funny. Pre production has taken months and months, and pre production will likely take anywhere from a week to a month or two, but "production"? Literally a day or two. Seriously. That's funny. Anyhoo...

A Behringer UMC1820 audio interface.

I want to go on about how this record has been coming to be for a bit without spoiling anything. Extremely recently we got this sick ass 8 channel audio interface. If you remember when Show Me How came out? That was record with, uhh, NOT this. Most of the live recordings we've done before getting this are the most taped together fucking things ever. Seriously. They suck. Late last year I bought an 8-track digital recorder that, at this point, is mainly used for it's suprisingly high quality stereo onboard mics for drums. BUT NOT ANYMORE!!! (well, that's just not true, because we're using it as either an overhead thing or a room mic thing.) We have this find piece of equipment as well as just so many fucking SM57 knockoffs. God speed, Weymic.

A snare drum and floor tom, both with microphones facing them.

I got a new guitar amp which is basically for this record. Obviously I will use it for more than just this album but you know, I've only recorded it for this album pretty much. It is replacing my highly trustly Fender Rumble 25, which while I only recorded for Show Me How, I used as my primary amp the second I started using a DS-1. It is now being used normally as a bass amp (oh fun fact, it's a bass amp!!)

A Fender Frontman 212R amp.

It's a Fender Frontman 212R, in case you didn't know.

I feel like I'm less talking about Type III and more about music gear so I'm gonna stop now. But email me or some shit if you want me to make another post rambling. Hell, message me on fucking PESTERCHUM. It would be highly funny.

See ya!


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